A Brand New Day – Taking it Indoors

Today I gave in to the humidity and took the walk indoors to a treadmill. It’s a shorter walk as other people came in to exercise after about ten minutes and I decided to cut things short. But I walked, got out of the humid air, and got a photo from outside the facility I used

In this one we talk about the ongoing audio problems, and some Codename CIRIS Brainstorming.



For Agent Ciris, the mission should have been simple: get in, apprehend the target, get out. But when the simple snatch and grab goes horribly awry, the worlds first cyborg finds herself backed into a corner. At odds with her superiors, she becomes embroiled in two conspiracies — one intended to destroy her with a cybernetic virus that will neutralize the technology that keeps her alive, the other intended to keep hidden the untold secrets of her origin. With the walls closing in around her, Ciris becomes a rogue agent with no one to trust and only one objective — unravel the shrouds of secrecy before time runs out.