A Brand New Day – Working Out the Bugs

June 23, 2021

So I got the majority of the audio problems from yesterday fixed and I discuss that in today’s walk. The new set up seems to be working, though as the wind picks up you’ll hear a change in my tone.

But its listenable, which is more than I can say for Yesterday’s walk.

A Brand New Day – Shaking The Rust Off

So it’s good news, bad news time.

Good News is that I walked, I talked, I recorded.

Bad news is that what I did not know is that the recording app is recording from my phone’s microphone and NOT the microphone on my earbuds.

This explains some of the mic noise yesterday that coincided with my handling and moving of the phone, and why Baby Girl’s conversation was as loud as it was…since the phone was resting on her stroller cover. It also means that todays recording in it’s raw form was almost un-listenable since the phone spent the entire walk in my hand at my side. The good news is that I put the audio through a production filter and managed to at least level the sound so my voice should be as loud as the background noise. Not sure if that’s going to help or not, but at least it’s something. I’m also switching up my recording apps, and adjusting the work flow, so this shouldn’t happen again.

Long story short… tomorrow should be better quality.

A Brand New Day – June 21, 2021

Greetings everyone!   

Today I’m launching a walk-n-talk podcast that I’m entitling “A Brand New Day”

Inspired by Nathan Lowel’s “Talking on my Morning Walk” (https://www.nathanlowell.com/tommw/) and Dave Robison’s “North Pond Monologues (https://butterymanvoice.com/npm/ ) I’m starting my own waling podcast.

Every weekday you can expect to see a 15-20 minute chat from me wherein I share my thoughts with you… as they come to me.  This will be un-edited, unproduced and what you hear… is what you get.

I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments as they come to you and I’ll try and respond to them on future walks.