A Brand New Day – Taking it Indoors

Today I gave in to the humidity and took the walk indoors to a treadmill. It’s a shorter walk as other people came in to exercise after about ten minutes and I decided to cut things short. But I walked, got out of the humid air, and got a photo from outside the facility I used

In this one we talk about the ongoing audio problems, and some Codename CIRIS Brainstorming.


A Brand New Day – Audio Fail Day 2

Ironic that on a day when I talk about trying to find and keep a perspective on the important things I lose the audio for a second day in a row. Looks like the new lapel mic I purchased is not going to work, so I’ll be looking for a different alternative.

Fortunately I have some options. Might just take a day or two to get it in place.

Until tomorrow!